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Captain Percy Vere Binns

Captain Percy Vere Binns,  B.Sc., MC M y Remembrance Day project this year is one of my maternal first cousins twice removed Captain Percy Vere Binns,  B.Sc., MC ., who died in action in World War I. Percy was born on 9 Feb 1893 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. His father, Ellis Panton Binns, was born in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and Amelia Saffery, his mother, was born in England. His father, Ellis, worked as an accountant, an auditor, and an exporter for the United Fruit Company in Jamaica. Percy had nine siblings, with only seven surviving to adulthood. They were Dr. Edward Ellis (1881–1946), Claude Ellery (1882–?), Marion Louise (1884–?), Jessie Amelia (1886–?), Amy Alice (1888–?), May Edith (1889–?), Ray Ellerton (1890–1974), Ralph Spencer (1895–?), and Elsie Randall (1899–1997). Apparently, Claude and May died in childhood. Percy’s paternal aunt, Mary Annie Binns (1854–1915), was married to

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